SPICE Model Extraction Services

Since 2006, Logix has delivered more than 1,800 SPICE models used in production IC design by its industry partners. Our team of experts has delivered models for a wide array of semiconductor devices, including deep submicron (<40nm) CMOS transistors, high voltage power MOS and LDMOS, SiGe bipolar transistors, varactors, capacitors, resistors and diodes. We have experience in an exhaustive variety of semiconductor process technologies including CMOS, BCD, Bipolar, SOI, LDMOS and MEMs with end applications ranging from power management to mobile computing to RF.  From turnkey services for a single component model to custom partnerships with on-site technical staff, Logix has the solutions to meet your company's SPICE modeling needs. 

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Industry Standard Models

At Logix, we offer support for all industry standard SPICE model equation sets.


QC and Documentation

Before their release, all models sets undergo rigorous quality control (QC) and documentation procedures to ensure their accuracy and proper behavior across all allowable operating conditions.  Logix can provide SPICE model vs. measured data documentation in standard *.pdf format, web-ready graphics, or with a innovative interactive dashboard allowing full customization and data analysis.