Technology Experience

Logix has delivered >1,800 SPICE models used in production design by its industry partners. From high voltage BCD for power management applications to 28nm CMOS for mixed-signal SoC's, our team has deep experience in a wide range of analog semiconductor process technologies.

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Analog Expertise

Logix's SPICE models are used to develop a wide range of products, including precision analog, power management, mixed-signal, automotive and RF. These demanding applications require a solid understanding of the end application and design-centered approach to model extraction and accuracy.

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Custom Solutions

Logix's strength lies in the company's ability to provide custom solutions tailored to their partners needs. In addition to SPICE model extraction services, Logix can assist its partners with custom software for data analysis, interactive SPICE model documentation and quality control.

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Operational Excellence

Logix understands the need to deliver quickly and on time to its semiconductor industry partners. The latest generation of our proprietary software platform, Playa 3, offers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in SPICE model extraction.

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Logix Consulting, Inc

Logix Consulting, Inc provides custom SPICE model extraction services and innovative software solutions to the semiconductor industry.